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International Quality Management
by Dr Peter Mauch - Wednesday, 2 October 2013, 2:53 PM

Quality managers can only manage to the level of commitment and competence of the senior management staff. In truth, we often only report the level of overall performance to the business managers. It is important to involve top management on this invaluable information we provide as Quality professionals.  There can be no successful execution of a Quality Management System without the active participation of top management. Quality Control Academy or QCA has witnessed our course participants making huge contributions when they have the buy in of top management.

By implementing the tools taught here companies have literally saved tens of thousands of hours of employee salaries, decreased material loss and costs and implemented continuous improvement programs that maximize bottom line profits for their corporations.  QCA has been dedicated to promoting Quality Standards Excellence since 1987. Our students are raising the quality standards both nationally and internationally with results that have made top management participation and endorsement certain.


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Established in 1987

At the Quality Control Academy©, our faculty and staff are dedicated to your continuing education and career development.

Our coursework is designed to prepare you for real world challenges in the workplace. You can even take individual classes. Our certificate programs are designed to match the Quality Professions needs, not the latest fads

Many of our graduates work for Fortune 500 companies world wide.

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